Discuss the learning approach to explaining initiation of gambling

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Discuss biological, cognitive, and learning models of addiction, including explanations for initiation, maintenance, and relapse. ... The biological approach ignores social factors, ... makes it more difficult to explain the initiation and maintenance of the disorder. 5. But as biological factors lack reliability then nature must interact with ...

THREE APPROACHES TO ORGANIZATIONAL LEARNING Varieties of approaches to organizational life are abundant, but there is little in the way of basic concepts that can guide our actions. Intelligent selection, sequencing, and combining of techniques and methods of organizational assessment and direction are not possible unless there is an adequate frame of reference. Social Learning Theory and Addiction - MentalHelp Time spent with others in recovery reduces the amount of peer pressure to engage in addiction. From a social learning perspective, support groups offer opportunities to observe and interact with healthier people. When we apply social learning theory to addictions treatment, the usual treatment goals include:

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Learning theory explains gambling in terms of operant conditioning: ... talk about having a large win or winning streak early in their gambling career and Aasvad ... Cognitive explanations 2013 - SlideShare 11 Jun 2013 ... ... explaining initiation,maintenance and relapse, and theirapplications ... ofcontrol can be explained asthe cognitive approach viewsgambling ...

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The cognitive psychology of gambling | SpringerLink Abstract. A number of recent studies have shown there may be a strong cognitive bias in explaining persistent gambling. Theories that have been put forward include the illusion of control, “cognitive regret,” biased evaluations and the “psychology of the near miss.” A-level Psychology A Examiner report Unit 04 ... Students struggled to apply the learning approach to the initiation of gambling and it was clear that very many students did not understand the basic principles of operant and more particularly classical conditioning. Other students provided material that was more suited to the maintenance of gambling rather than initiation.

17 May 2013 ... ... the learning approach would explain the maintenance of gambling. ... or all of the stages of addiction (initiation, maintenanceand/or relapse).

Discuss the use of eclectic approaches to treatment (22… The biomedical approach addresses the biological aspects of the condition. The use of individual and group psychotherapy addresses the negative thinking patterns that come with depression. Many would argue that biomedical treatments such as antidepressants are not effective on their own and should... The Biological Approach | Psychology | tutor2u